Get This (Razörschrieck​-​Vanhelga split album)

by Razörschrieck

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This is the split album of two different DSBM bands. Razörschrieck from Russia and Vanhelga from Sweden.


released October 26, 2015



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Razörschrieck Russia

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Track Name: Vanhelga - Night
Oh how I long for you,
My only comfort in life, your beauty.
Total silence.
Everything gets dark and all people leave,
Whilst I continue to enjoy the darkness,
Snorting cocaine and destroying my brain.
Track Name: Vanhelga - No Escape
Lyrics and Music
written by 145188 (Ottosson)
Track Name: Razörschrieck - Injection Of Happiness
One moment, and the world is filled with colors.
No more problems...
No more me - I am clear healthy!
Go to the cunt the worthless life – so where it begins!
No goals, there are no plans!
Don’t bother! Dependence? Bullshit!
Now I am free and always happy!
In this shitty, stinking hole you can’t avoid
the injection of happiness!
My interstellar travels
Need a special fuel!
Track Name: Razörschrieck - Life Is Beautifull
Senseless eyes, the pupils rolled up on the way to the light,
People in white are smiling at me - it's so suspicious...
Bright lights are droning out so nasty, the lanterns attract the night-flies,
I also want to be with them, to burn the wings in a candent glass!
My desire for self-destruction - nothing else
Than an attempt to say that I'm here,
Close to you, the same alive - of flesh and blood...
I can laugh the same, I can cry the same! Feel the pain!
I'm the same alive as you...
Listen ... Does the world need a pay for attention?
So here it is! I'm ready!
Charming, inimitable sick!
Terribly lovely dead!
My! Forever mine!
Pale, beautiful life!
Along, across screaming blades,
The time has come to reveal the self to the world!
Cocoon prevents from spreading the wings,
With skin will pluck the hateful cover!
Are you ready for the impendent miracle?
To see the birth-throe of death!
To glow brighter than the star flame
And fade away with me!
Charming, inimitable sick!
Terribly lovely dead!
My! Forever mine!
Pale, beautiful life!