Darkness inside

by Razörschrieck

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released May 5, 2014



all rights reserved


Razörschrieck Russia

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Track Name: Simple melody of darkness inside
Hard to explain what I feel inside.
This prison of body was made without my agreement
But in spite of it you continue to smile
Trying to make me do the same!
You say, "My life is so beautiful! So nice!"
Thinking I must be proud of this sick and pure shit, too!
The life where I feel like a machine!
Outsider! Loser! Weakling! Intruder! A piece of shit!
You know nothing about me! Nothing!
In past liers like you tried to make me believe that I am really ill!
Thoughts about madness immersed me in deep depression!
But now I can see the only thing I really want -
to see dead bodies of people like you and ruins of our beautiful world!
You think I am too grim?
And you are right!
Track Name: Old and unnamed message
Hello! Can you hear me?
If so - your mind is ready for transcendent connection...
We can start.
I came from prehistoric time to show you the future.
A Great Triumph of Progress and Individuality!
Total freedom for everyone in chains of loneliness.
Near but not together... Everyone, everywhere...
A Grand Game where everybody is alone in a world of plastic,
metal and glass, in a world of shadows
and illusions. A world where death will be looked upon
as a friend by you all.